November 2002
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Dreams Do Come True
By Lynn C., Age 15, Delta Secondary School, Delta, BC

Everyone has a dream; the only thing that keeps everybody from achieving their dreams is themselves. Everybody has the power to make their dreams happen, no matter how great or slight their dreams may be. Dreams don't knock on people's doors while they are watching television. They should be something that people are willing to work for. It may be painful to think about hard work, but in the end it's all worth it.

The first thing to do is to believe in oneself. If you don't have faith in yourself, then what does it matter if other people have faith in you or not? Some people might just give up when the times are hard. What they need to learn is that the road to the goal is not always smooth and easy to walk on. There will be hard times, just like there are potholes on highways. It is those times when we need faith the most, for without it one could be lost.

Faith alone cannot make people's dreams come true. Hard work and determination is also one of the important factors to reaching the dreams. The uphill struggle is always hard and patience is much needed; likewise, wine tastes better with age. Patience is an important key to a wine maker, because if he or she rushed the process it may not turn out to be as good as it's suppose to be, and all would be lost.

While everything can be written or said to anyone about achieving dreams, the most important thing is actually doing something to achieve it. Not attempting is worse than failing, because that way one will never have a chance find out if he or she could actually do the task. It may not be an easy task to even start thinking about the hard work one might have to endure along the way, and all the problems one has to face, but in the end when one reaches one's dream, it proves to be very satisfying. It is worth it just knowing that one has conquered all the problems in the way.


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