December 2002
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"Do We Want To Send our Babies to War?"
By Chantal Cote, grade 12, Carleton North High school, Bristol, NB

With the ongoing threat of war in the Middle East the world sleeps uneasy. Over ten years ago war broke out in the Gulf and now the tension is rising, the push is on, and the American people are faced with a decision, “ Do we want to send our babies to war?”

The North American people sit back at night to watch the evening news with an uneasy mind, wondering what kind of decision the American president is going to make. Is he going to make a decision to bring forth peace in the Middle East or will he announce the declaration of war on Iraq and the rest of the Middle Eastern countries.

President George W. Bush is not facing an easy decision. He has to decide the fate of the American people. If he decides to plunge into this Iraq/ United States war, there would be two wars on the American agenda. The ongoing “war on terrorism” is the least of their worries; the threat of going to war with Iraq is the endangerment of the American people on the home front. The American lines have been broken through once before, at the cost of the lives of thousands of innocent civilians. When there was an undetected breach in airport security, September 11, 2001, two symbols of American success came falling from the sky, and the world was no longer the same. But a war with Iraq could result in something greater then a couple of buildings fall down.

The recent conflict in Iraq over the entrance of weapons inspectors had people all over the world listening intently to the demands the U.S Government made to the Iraqi “parliament.” The United States made demands while the United Nations committee members sat at their meetings contemplating the issues at hand. Its nice to know that when war is an issue the United Nations takes their time making a decision. Of course was is a major issue and no one would want to make a drastic decision when the lives of defenseless humans are at stake.

In the apparent matter the issue had to be dealt with lightly. With any thought of weapons of mass destruction or Nuclear weapons in the hand of Iraq, these issues can’t be dealt with chaotically.

Is there going to be a war in the Middle East? Chances are, Yes. President Bush and the Bush administration are voting for war in the Middle East. And a son always follows in his fathers’ footsteps.

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