December 2002
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University or College....yes, all the way!
By Farah Kurji, SNN Editor, Hugh Boyd Secondary, Richmond, BC

Recently one student wrote an article for SNN expressing the view that university or college is ďa waste of time and moneyĒÖ.I think not.

As long as I can remember Iíve wanted to go to university. Iíve never known completely what Iíve wanted to do with my life or what I was going to do when I got to university but I knew I was going to university no matter what and that I would figure it out when I got there.

My grades arenít the best nor are they going to get me in what people call the best university in Canada. But I take pride in what I call my grades and how hard Iíve worked for them.

University is not a waste a time or money. Itís a time of self-discovery to find out what I want to do. How many people in high school are certain about what they want to do? Iíve at least changed my mind a hundred times. Going to university will help me not only decide for sure but will give me a chance to try new things. There are infinite course possibilities available, how can you decide on what you want to do when you havenít experienced even one of them. So many universities offer co-op programs that give you a chance to experience something before you decide thatís what you want to be.

Even though some careers let you start your job right away imagine how much more money you could be making if you had the letters B.A. or BSc after your name. In the long run youíre probably likely to have more stability along with more money.

Personally money isnít the only thing Iím going to university for. Imagine all the people youíll meet. Everyone I know that has graduated from university says it was the best time of their life. How can you pass up such a good opportunity?

An old teacher of mine who is teaching overseas e-mailed me, giving me some great advice; ďIt's a big world out there with countless opportunities. Go to university or college right awayÖ. The one thing that nobody can ever take away from you and that will be with you forever is your education. Make smart decisions and you will always land on your feet. The road ahead will not be easy but you should enjoy the ride.


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