December 2002
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Teens and Stress
By Sara D., Grade 12, Fredericton High, Fredericton, NB

As far as the "real world" goes teens are living it every day. Stress coming from friends, parents, school and work is overwhelming.

"I feel stress at school, when I'm at work, when I'm at home trying to get everything done at once." said Monique M., a grade 12 at Fredericton High. "Stress is all I feel."

The pressure of everyday life for today's youth has become almost unbearable. Many students have part time jobs that take up to 20 hours of their weekly time. Adding that to their nightly schoolwork and extracurricular activities and teens today will average out a 75 hour long work week.

"Just because we have a different kind of stress than adults they think we have an easy life." stated Mahmoud H., another grade 12 in Monique's class. "I have 6 essays due within the next 2 weeks, and a 4 hour music exam next week."

Some students say the stress causes them to break down or get sick. "I got 2 ulcers last year from school related stress," said Blake S., a journalism student attending F.H.S. "See the bags under my eyes, that's from stress!"

It is obvious that proper attention is not being placed on the seriousness of this issue. Perhaps if more resources were offered or if people were more aware of the problem then maybe we could all take a breath and RELAX.


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