December 2002
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NB School Woes
By Caylen Cougle, Grade 11, Carleton North High School, Bristol, NB

New Brunswick’s fad happy English language school system is concentrating on nurturing its students not educating them, says an evaluator's report. Ms Elana Scraba, an evaluator from Alberta, says the system lacks leadership qualities, standards and expectations. She also says that NB’s system is much too focused on the average student and replies saying that students who are less advanced and very smart students are being ignored.

Scraba also says the curriculum is changing too often and French immersion programs are being mismanaged. She says French immersion kids are performing very well, however most other students are struggling. The report also says the province’s teachers are not being evaluated on a regular basis and that it is hurting the students.

The report concludes saying that with a constantly changing curriculum and mismanaged programs along with unevaluated teachers the New Brunswick school system is not educating its youth. All of this is necessary for a province who has been last or close to last in nationwide tests in the last ten years.


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