December 2002
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Potato Break
By Nathan Lang, Grade12, Carleton North School, Bristol, NB

On September 18th Carleton County students, with the exception of Woodstock, got out of school for Potato Break. Students enjoy this time because they get out for two weeks and have a chance to earn money.

For those who have no idea what Potato Break is, it is a period of time when students get out of school to help farmers harvest their potatoes by working in a potato house, working on a harvester, or just taking a potato basket and picking them with your hands.

Patton MacDonald, a spokesperson for Potatoes New Brunswick, said “Workers are hard enough to find as is.” He said that without students, the harvest is in jeopardy.

As a student I feel that Potato Break should stay as it gives us a chance to work and earn money to buy that second hand car we wanted. Not only that but we also get a break from school work. For those of us in grade 12 it helps to relieve stress. We also help our community and province get their potatoes in faster so the frost doesn’t get them.

Buddy Cougle, a Carleton North student, said he would like to see the Potato Break stay, because after all it is a part of our heritage.


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