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Phantom Crash Review (Xbox version)
By: Sterling DeRier, Grade 12, Carleton North High School, Bristol, NB

Itís the year 2025 and the capital of Japan has been moved and what was left behind is called "Old Tojyo"; it is the ground for the new extreme sport Rumbling. You "rumble" with things called Scobee's, which is a battle for fame, and with fame comes money!

The game Phantom Crash moved away from the old Mech feeling that originated in 1995 with the release of Mech Warriors; this game consisted of a KILL! KILL! KILL! feeling. Phantom Crash is more about making money and becoming champion, even when you blow up an opponent the person inside doesnít die.

This game has such an in-depth Quest Mode that you can find yourself buying music for the back ground during Rumbling, or buying paint jobs and stickers to make your mech look good, A.I. (artificial intelligence) to help you in the battle field, and different arms & shoulder weapons or body and legs for your mech. This amount of depth is good to keep your mind off the fact that there are only 3 rumbling areas, this and the multi-player are the only downfall to the game. These are limitations to an otherwise limitless game. So for All you mech heads out there who have been waiting for a new experience, the answer has come to XBOX in the form of Phanom Crash.

My Ratings

Gameplay - 9 : The # of challengers and different characters you interact with make a great Quest Mode.

Graphics 10 : The intro to this game is the most realistic I have seen to date.

Sound - 10: With the fact that you can buy dozens of different songs and make your own play list the sound aspect deserves a 10.

Diffuculty - Easy : Even though the "Bosses" are hard I find the random opponents much too easy to handle.

Concept 8 - Finaly a mech game that involves more then killing.

Multiplayer - 7 : The graphics are still good but selecting a mech is limited.

Over All - 8.6 : A good game if you enjoy sitting in front of your T.V. and playing games alone, because the game does not support XBOX live.


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