December 2002
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Teens vs Parents
By Lindsay E., Grade 12, Fredericton High School, Fredericton, NB

Welcome to the year 2002 - where violence rules television, sex is played out through music and teens are lost struggling through these images.

Teens are dealing with so many things in this stage in their life. They need help choosing the right path. It only makes sense for the older generation to encourage and help today's generation, seeing as they have already experienced what modern teens are going through (to some extent, anyway).

Parents of 2002 have their hands full with protecting their kids from the pressures of the media, not to mention helping them make the decisions they face every day, with respect to their plans during and after high school. Guidance is so important at this stage, but some parents don't realize just how important it really is.

Teens versus their parents is an ongoing challenge, where teenage rebellion often leads to parents giving up. At this stage, teens want their parent or parents to feel they can trust them. They want to be treated with respect as a young adult, rather than a child. They want respect as a human being, like everyone else. But what parents might not know is, no matter how much their children rebel, they will always need someone talking them through things they can't handle themselves.

The teenage years are such a critical time in everyone's life. Teens are trying to understand themselves in these years, so when their parents offer their opinions, it means a lot, even if this sentiment is hidden. After all, no one knows each other better than family.

A strong relationship is imperative between a parent and a child. An encouraging parent can make the teenage years so much easier. Every teen needs someone to be there for them; no matter how miserable they get, they will need someone there to try to understand.

Teens versus parents is an ongoing problem - one that is probably without a cure. But just doing the little things, like asking how their day was, can mean the world. Children need the love of their parents, and, regardless of how well-hidden it may be, teens still love their parents. Regardless of how much rage and frustration is taken out on them, teens still need a nurturing family.


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