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J to Tha Lo!
By Christina C. , Grade 12, Fredericton High School, Fredericton, NB

By J-Lo (Jennifer Lopez)
Sony Records, 2001

In terms of fame, few people can reach the heights that tough girl Jennifer Lopez has reached. Whether it's at the box office, on the charts or the runway, this Latin beauty seems unable to fail at anything.

J-Lo's career started in acting. Her first major role was in the movie Selena in the mid-nineties, which opened the doors for many other Latino actors and actresses. From there her acting career kicked off. Her latest box office hits include, The Wedding Planner, Enough and Angel Eyes, and the just released Maid in Manhatten, a modern day version of Cinderella will hit the big screen. As if her life wasn't busy enough she decided that a career in the music industry was one of her many callings. In 1999 her debut album On the Six was released, breaking records with the song, "If you had my Love".

Her new C.D., J-Lo features collaborations with artists such as Ja Rule and P-Diddy. Her new urban hip-hop music gives her an edge, and the listener a more realistic view on life, unlike the popular bubble gum tunes depicting a fantasy life. J-Lo is the second musical offering from Jennifer, the movie star, turned pop star. The album is a collection of catchy dance songs, with simple yet effective lyrics. Before you roll your eyes and decide that J-Lo is just a fake Barbie Doll, out there to flaunt her body and make some extra cash take a listen to the heart she puts into her music.

J-Lo wrote half of the 15 tracks on this album and also served as one of the executive producers. One of her more popular songs "I'm Real" says it all. Also when she sings "And when I'm feelin sexy, who's gonna comfort me? My only problem is their insecurities". These lines depict today's society perfectly. The need for realness is important. All to often we see twelve year old girls in halters and skimpy skirts trying to fit in. Without being preachy Jennifer sends out the message to be yourself, be real.

J-Lo has a wide range of fans. Although some of her music may not be appropriate for the younger audience, it's catchy, fun and easy to sing along with. Her tracks aren't in your face or dull. They are easy on the ear and the lyrics never seem to leave your mind.

We have to hand it to this multi-talented diva. She recently has the number one film and album in the country, simultaneously, an achievement few can equal. J-Lo gave an excellent effort to her album, coming from an actress doing her best to be the best.

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