December 2002
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Resident Evil Inhabits Gamecube
By: Joel Green, Grade 11, Carleton North High School, Bristol, NB

Resident Evil, the survival/horror series developed by Capcom, has been remade and revamped to put on Nintendo’s newest console, Gamecube. The game was released on April 30th 2002, and reached number one on most video game store charts in its first month after release.

The game play in Resident Evil is incredibly solid and the button layout is perfect for the game. As Jill Valentine or Chris Redfield navigate each room of the mansion crawling with the undead, a chill creeps up the player’s spine as they wonder what could "shock" them next. The control is stunning, whether running from room to room searching for survivors or shooting at a zombie slowly clambering toward them.

When the video game magazine Electronic Gaming Monthly was asked about Resident Evil, they replied "It has the best graphics in a video game on a console". They said it arguably beats out every other video game to date in the graphics department. The backdrops are beautifully rendered, the character polygons are amazing, and the lighting effects certainly fit the game’s setting.

Sound effects and music are another important aspect of video games and Resident Evil is no exception. From the eerie tunes that keep the player tense through the entire experience to the frequent lightning bolts that cause players to leap out of their seats.

Back in 1996, Resident Evil defined the survival/horror genre on Sony’s console, Playstation. Now, with Gamecube’s more powerful processors, the game looks better than ever and still truly defines the genre. Whether the player be casual or hardcore, they should not miss out on this title and hope for Capcom to return to Sony. It won’t happen soon, as the company is already planning to make several sequels and prequels, both old and new for Gamecube. So for all of the gamers out there who will look past Nintendo’s history, and towards the future, they will be treated to a game that mature players will look at as paradise.


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