December 2002
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"What is Cool?"
By Steven N., Grade 12, Fredericton High School, Fredericton, NB

What is "cool"? Is cool your perspective on life? Or maybe the way you dress? Or could it be your popularity?

My answer to this question is this: That cool is only a way of fitting in. "Cool" is being one of the crowd, it is impressing others and taking to the follow.

Growing up in today's society requires "fitting in", or staying "cool". As a child we are forced to fit in, and if we're not in, we're out…way out. You are either in or out. As a child, it all starts with the leader, the most popular person in school. He or she is most recognized for his or her popularity, in which he/she gains followers, who then dress, act, and talk like the leader. But as you move up in the links, the leaders have leaders and so on, yet it all boils down to commercialism, which posts ads of new "cool" clothing and style.

As we grow up in our society, we get so caught up in the "cool" that it changes our entire lifestyle, we act and dress differently, yet we still remain the same deep down inside.

I strongly believe that "cool" should be your attitude. Society brings it to be a dress code and the ability to fit in. I feel a true leader is a person who represents themselves, who dresses how they want to and dares to be different. I do not criticize people who wear baggy clothes, or nice shirts, for I myself wear these. I only believe the true meaning of "cool" is being yourself and having a positive attitude towards life.

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