June 2002
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Jason McGillivary, 17, Sydney, NS
I enjoyed reading Theresa's article on 'Lone Wolf'. I know what she means. It was like reading about myself.

Jas Kwan, 16, Surrey, BC
There is so much pressure on young people today. Especially young girls - to be thin, to be pretty, to be something advertisers what them to be. Good job on your article, Leigh-Anne.

Jackie MacDonald, 15, Halifax, NS
I really enjoy reading the articles by other students. Especially regarding how the media influences teens and how they see themselves. Getting judged on what size you are, dieting and self-image are issues I deal. It's hard especially when other kids constantly teased you about how you look. Thanks for showing me that I'm not alone.

Jason Alexander, 15, Fort McMurray, AB
I'm truly concerned about how the media is reporting the Israel/Palestine conflict. One sided journalism is something I would expect from US Media, not Canadian. I do apalled CBC Newsworld for its Counterspin program which allows people of different opinions on the subject to talk. Perhaps other media could learn a lesson here. We need, and deserve, the whole story on this conflict.

Mitch Crawley, 16, Port Moody, BC
I'd like to be a reporter some day. Using the Reporters Toolbox has helped me greatly. We don't have a program at our school but my English teacher is encouraging me and helping me find resources. Perhaps next year in Grade 12 I'll be able to submit some stories to your publication.

Melanie Lidstrom, 15, Bedford, NS
I really enjoyed reading your April issue and the theme 'What it means to be Canadian. Shoilee's article hit home to me as my friend in Halifax goes through the same thing. At restaurants, the mall and at her job in a grocery store.

Emily King, 17, Brampton, ON
I agree with Lesley and Jennifer who wrote about the problems Ontario students are having with the deletion of Grade 13. It's going to be a major problem when all these students go looking for colleges and universities to attend. More thought should have gone into this and more of a phasing in period.

Bullying & School Violence

Cassidy Wiseman, 17, St. John's, NF
It was pretty scary to see two kids in Corner Brook being arrested because they were supposedly planning to attack kids in their school. Teachers, parents here in Nfld. probably think bullying is not a problem in our little province. But it is...it happens all the time....So please, please look and pay attention to those that need your help!! If someone says they are being harrassed believe them. If someone looks depressed, unhappy, their behaviour has changed...pay attention PLEASE!!!

Chad Benoit, 16, Mississauga, ON
Going to school should be a learning experience. For a lot of kids, including me, it means learning how to survive. Survive the constant harrassment by gangs at school, surviving being pushing around and kicked when you go to the bathroom.

Darrin Cummings, 14, St. John's, NF
I'm one of the lucky ones. I haven't been picked on but my twin sister deals with this all the time. She's 13 and for some reason a group of girls at our school verbally harrass her. She made me promise not to tell and I didn't. That is until a couple of weeks ago when I saw what happened to that girl in BC. I persuaded her to talk to Mom and Dad. No it hasn't stopped even though our parents went to the principal and teachers about it. Cassie still hates going to school and will not walk the hallways by herself or walk home by herself.

Jason Banfield, 15, Moncton, NB
Teachers seem to want to ignore what's happening in schools. For the past year I've been harrassed and teased almost every day. I reported to my homeroom teacher and he said that it was nothing, they are just fooling around. Yeah right! Finally, I told my parents who contacted the principal. Has it stopped! No! So next year I move to another school. This is not a solution. Action has to be taken by schools to stop this problem.

Mandy Jacobs, 15, Surrey, BC
I agree with what students have said. More has to be done. Thankfully I'm not a victim. I find that teachers and our principal seem to dismiss it as 'just kids fooling around' or 'its just something all kids go through at some point'. Maybe that is how it starts but it gets out of hand real fast. There is not a day goes by that some kid in our school doesn't get beat up (and I don't mean just shoved around). It's like gangs of students (boys and girls) physically hitting/punching a kid. It usually happens right after school just outside the school yard.

Leslie Mackenzie, 17, Oakville, ON
I was heartbroken when I saw the news about another teen who ended his life because he was bullied. It is a serious problem in schools across Canada. It certainly is in our school. Thankfully right now I'm not a target but I know plenty of students who are, especially in junior high.

Michael Gavin, 14, St, Stephens, NB
Thank you for allow us space to express our views. Your theme of 'Tolerance' couldn't be more timely. Last week we had an incident at our school where five students attacked a boy not far from our school. Things like this happen every day. I've been harrassed and teased. It makes you fear coming to school. You certainly can't tell anyone because it just makes things worse.

Jason Power, 16, Halifax, NS
I don't understand why students resort to intimidation and violence. It's like they have something to prove or feel they need to control something in their life. Bullies have been around schools for a long time. Just ask your parents. However, today it's being talked about more and seems to be taken to the extreme.

Angela Baxter, 15, Mount Pearl,NF
People get attacked in our school every day. Verbally and physically. I've been harrassed and teased for the past year. It's stopped now thanks to my mom and our school's principal and guidance counsellor. If it's happening to you, don't keep it to yourself. Tell someone! It's the only way.

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