June 2002
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Spiderman – A "Must-See" Movie
By John Bergen, Grade 12, Garden Valley Collegiate, Winkler, MB

"With great power comes great responsibility." This is the lesson Peter Parker (aka Spider-Man) needs to learn in order to become a super hero. Stan Lee has put out another sold out movie with Toby Maguire playing the lead character Spider-Man.

Peter Parker is a reporter for the school newspaper. On a field trip to the local Science Facility, Peter is bitten by a radioactive spider. Peter is mutated and increases in strength, speed and reflexes. Years go by and Peter eventually moves to the "City" and moves in with his friend and millionaire offspring Harry Osborn (James Franco). Meanwhile Harry and Peter start to see significant changes in Harry's father, Norman (Willem Dafoe) as he slowly becomes evil and possessed by the Green Goblin. Spider-Man is forced to fight the Green Goblin in order to protect family and friends.

Tobey Maguire really out does himself playing the hero Spider-Man as he web slings through the air. Willem Dafoe has never looked better before as he plays the evil Green Goblin.

The main theme of the movie is just like the comic or as any super hero movie. Where a nobody like Peter Parker minding his business, finds himself in the position where he gets to use his powers for good or evil. And ends up choosing to do what is right even at the greatest costs. So good has to and will try to the end to conquer evil.

The visual effects are awesome. It feels like a comic book coming to life. It starts with the web coming out of Spiderman's arm. The suit makes it look as if Spiderman is right in front of the audience. The 3-D suit just pops out of the screen. Spider sense is great as there is no flashing red screen. Spiderman can just feel something is going to happen. Time slows down until he makes a decision, then resumes its regular speed. The producer makes the web slinging at least realistic, especially in the scene going the bridge.

Spider-Man is a movie to entertain. At its opening, viewers ranged from younger people to seniors. On opening day, the Famous Players theatre at the St. Vital Mall in Winnipeg had four screens running Spider-Man non-stop and still managed to sell out. In rural Manitoba, the Winkler Cinema also did well, selling out on Spider-Man eight consecutive shows. It is a "must-see" movie.

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