June 2002
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Thongs…For Kids?!?
By Lesley Tse, Father Michael McGivney School, Markham, ON

With millions of images from the media bombarding us with society's ideals of what is considered to be attractive, it's not difficult to understand how many women today have arrived at the conclusion that the simplest way to have a sexy image is by dressing in as little as possible. From Britney Spears' hot-pink thong over a pair of jeans in her "I'm A Slave 4 U" video to the barely covering anything micro-mini skirts on the runways, the same sort of clothing now appears in nearly every store imaginable. You'll be able to find those same items in Le Chateau, Abercrombie & Fitch, and Old Navy…in the children's section.

Black, leather, lace-up knee high boots are sold alongside the tiny tube tops, low-cut halter-tops, and jeans that hang so below the waist that bending over just isn't an option, are being targeted at little girls. Le Chateau has even carried children's fishnet stockings! What better to match those jeans with some kiddie-sized thongs? Recently, mothers went in an uproar when Abercrombie & Fitch decided to sell children's thongs with suggestive words and phrases like, 'Eye Candy' and 'Wink wink' printed on the front. They claimed that such items carried with them a provocative sense that was unhealthy for girls to start idolizing at such a young age, both giving the impression to children that they should start thinking highly of sex and encouraging child pornography.

Since fashion is an art and art will always cause some sort of controversy, it is only logical that some fashions will be a subject of debate. So what's appropriate? Are leather pants stamped with and a bikini top all right to wear to in the elementary schoolyards? Ultimately, it's up to the consumers, the children and their parents, to decide. Until the trend changes or such merchandise are no longer in high demand, those thongs and bikinis will still probably be available at a store near you!

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