May 2002
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My Prom: A night to remember?
By Marcus Baron, Holy Heart High, St. John's, NF

Warning: What you are about to read will be whiny self indulgent tripe.

So my grad was this weekend. I always told myself that grad was going to be stupid and I never expected some sort of magical experience. Yet, somehow, I ended up being disappointed with my night.

We'll start my description of this painful experience with my visit to the first of the two wine and cheeses I attended.

I showed up at this girl's house and the place was full of faces I'd known since kindergarten but hadn't spoken to in a couple of years. I had barely gotten into the hall before I knew I wanted to leave. I walked into the kitchen, said hi to some parents of old school chums, turned around and walked back out. Then I foolishly drove on to another such gathering where for some reason I thought I might be more comfortable.

This was not the case. After a slightly longer stay at this girl's house I was off to pick up my friend and our dates. Then we went to all four of our houses to get our pictures taken. By the fourth house we had the process down to a science. First all four of us then one date couple then the other then whoever lives in the house with their family.

Okay, so once all that was done it was time for the "meet and greet". This was one of the worst experiences of my life. I don't know about anyone else but I sure as hell did not feel like meeting or greeting anyone in that sweltering cattle pen. A slight escape was provided by the time it took for me and my date to go get professional pictures taken. However, I am dreading the ridiculously overdone or the eyes caught in mid blink that will inevitably appear when I get my pictures delivered to my home room.

Okay so when the meet and greet was finally over it was dinner time. Once our table was finally called to go to the buffet I found out that other than dinner rolls there was absolutely nothing else I would eat on the entire buffet. I mean I had expected to at least like some of the desserts but no. So I went back to my table and ate my four rolls (two white and two whole wheat for variety) with my knife and fork then waited for the end of the dinner.

I won't go into details on the rest of the evenings entertainment from the principal's sermon to the "delightful" songs we got to listen to. Was it just my imagination or were the same people singing the same songs from when I had my junior high "grad" in grade 8?

Anyway eventually the dinner ended and we were herded back out into the lobby. After a painfully long time of standing and trying to make conversation it was dance time.

The rest of the day had been bad, sure, but it had not been unexpectedly bad. In fact, believe it or not, I thought things were going surprisingly well. I had never expected to feel like I belonged or to have a great time but nothing terrible had happened so it was ok. Then the dance started.

I was hugely disappointed to learn how little I have changed since grade 8. Here I am 17 years old, graduating from high school, and I still can't ask a girl to dance. I never considered dancing to one of the fast songs but when the slow songs came on where was I? Sitting next to my date trying to work up the nerve to ask her to dance. "Would you like to dance?", "Do you wanna dance?" "Lets dance?" *point to dance floor and look questioningly* all these things went through my head. Did any words pass my lips? No.

Anyway I won't be getting into the rest of the night but I'll just say things went downhill from there. So my senior prom is finally over. I don't mean to sound this whiny and depressed about it, I'm not really. When people ask me how my grad was I smile and say it was about as good as I expected.

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