May 2002
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What my future holds
By Nira Diamant, Tec-Voc High School, Winnipeg, Manitoba

When I was younger I wanted to be so many different things, not knowing what skills you needed or how hard it was.

In grade 7 I wanted to be famous and only famous. I had a passion for acting and really wanted to be recognized for it. I realized that I shouldn't focus only on that because to be a famous actress you have to compete with so many different people. In grade 8 I was into modeling and hung out with people that were in modeling school. I wanted to sign up for modeling school so bad that I begged my mom every second but it was too expensive. My mom kept on telling me I shouldn't live in a fantasy world because by doing so, it wouldn't get me anywhere in the real world. I once again gave up something I really loved.

In grade 9 I went to Kelvin High School and took only academics because that's all that was offered there. Being the first year in high school I didn't know what to expect and figured that if I slacked off they would still pass me because they had to. Unfortunately it didn't work like that and I learned the hard way. In grade 10 I got really good marks in science but got terrible marks in math, which led me to fall behind and repeat math an extra year because I just didn't care.

I changed my career goal to wanting to become a marine biologist because I was into physics and thought it would be a fun industry to get into. After grade 10 I decided that Kelvin High School wasn't where I should go for grade 11 because I didn't really like that school. That's when I went to Tec-Voc and decided to take Radio Television broadcasting to see if I liked it. I decided that being a marine biologist wasn't for me because I was not good at math and it would involve a lot of math so here I was changing my career again hoping it would be the last time.

I found out I really enjoyed writing and wanted to be a reporter who researched her own story. I wanted to be that for the longest time. This year came, my grade 12 year, the year that is the most important and determines what, and where you go after high school. I really needed to make up my mind on what I wanted to be, but I just couldn't - I found it extremely difficult. I go into camera operating this year and still loved writing and reporting so I decided if I like camera operating as well as editing and reporting why not become a videographer?

My uncle, who works for CBC in Toronto, was the one who encouraged me to follow my dream and if this was what I wanted to do then I should go ahead with it. That's when I really started to volunteer at different places to get experiences in this industry. All I have to do is not give up and follow my passion, and I will succeed in life.

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