May 2002
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Gander Collegiate ‘Spotlight on Schools'
By Mediatech students, Gander Collegiate, Gander, NF

Gander MediaTech

Gander Collegiate Mediatech students cover many events in their community as well as their school. This past winter the students were very active covering Winter Carnivals, Science Fairs and other events.

The following three videos were aired on Rogers Cable in Gander as part of ‘Spotlight on Schools'.

Gander Collegiate's 2002 Winter Carnival
Check out the fun students at Gander Collegiate had during their annual Winter Carnival ~ ~ a hilarious Cross-dressing beauty pageant, showing off their stage presence during a Karaoke contest, arm wrestling as well as other activities.

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Science Competition and Fair
Part 1 - Newfoundland Science Center's 2002 Cardboard boat race
This year's race was held at the Arts & Culture Center in Gander. Participating were students from the central region of Newfoundland. Students had one and half hours to build their boats. Watch this video and see how the students built their boats and the fun they had competing.

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Part 2 - St. Paul's Elementary Science Fair
Science fairs are part of life for most schools here in Newfoundland and across Canada. This year, St. Paul's, Gander held a Science Fair for Grade 9 students. Students displayed their work and creativity for other students and members of the community. Teachers Mrs. Follett and Mr. Williams spoke to Concorde about putting together the fair.

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