April 2002
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A Different Kind of Yearbook: "Bigger and better," say GVC students
By Amanda Funk, Grade 11, Garden Valley Collegiate, Winkler, MB

Garden Valley Collegiate has come up with a new approach to producing the school yearbook. The Desktop Publishing and Advanced Desktop publishing classes are now taking full responsibility for the yearbook.

Ms. Shauna Hamm teaches both of these courses. In other years, an extracurricular yearbook committee helped out. While the 2002 yearbook is being completed during class time, many Desktop students also commit much of their time on weekends.

The Desktop Publishing classes are more committed to making a bigger and better yearbook, and they are adding many unique features. "We're trying harder because our mark for our course is based on this yearbook," Melissa Friesen points out. Melissa is one of the students in the Advanced Desktop Publishing classes and she is working diligently on many spreads of the yearbook. The Desktop students are trying hard to keep up with some of the past traditions, but they are also adding world events that took place during the past year.

Students in the class chose the theme 'Changing Faces, Facing Changes' for the upcoming book, because they thought it well suited GVC. Many new people have joined GVC this year, students as well as teachers. Many changes have also occurred. For instance, the changing of the bus lanes and the painting of the cafeteria. GVC's sports teams are also changing to Quad A level competition next year.

The yearbook will be completed after the annual Spring Break in March.This way, G.V.C. students will receive their copies before the summer holidays arrive. The Yearbook Blitz, when the books are sold, will take place during the second or third week of June. "This will be the best yearbook yet," Melissa claims.

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