March 2002
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Canada is described as a ‘cultural mosaic’. It is a country where over 30 million inhabitants reflect a cultural, ethnic and linguistic makeup found nowhere else on the planet. Over 200,000 immigrants a year choose Canada, drawn by its quality of life and its reputation as an open, peaceful and caring society that welcomes newcomers and values diversity. * Canada Heritage Multiculturalism website

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Here are some ideas to help you as you ponder this question:

1. News/Opinion: Interview people of different backgrounds. Take along a video camera. Ask them ‘What does being a Canadian mean to you? What do you/your family do to keep your cultural heritage alive? Do it as a 'streeter' article.

2. Profile: Profile someone in your community or someone you know - a parent, grandparent. Talk with them about their heritage, why they came to Canada, struggles they went through and what it means to them to be a Canadian citizen. A personal story about someone you know.

3. News: The latest Statistics Canada information show that the face of immigration in Canada is changing. Why? How is it changing? Research Immigration Canada, Statistics Canada and newspaper articles on this issue. Tell us about it.

4. Profile/Opinion. Talk about different groups in Canada. For example, the aboriginal people of our country ~ their struggles as the first peoples of our nation; the treaties that were signed and their fight for self-government. Japanese-Canadians and the issues of human rights, citizenship and racism in their interment during the war. Their fight for justice as citizens of Canada.

5. Entertainment: Music/Fashion/Art/Books in Canada are all influenced by our country’s diverse population. Tell us about Canadian artists/writers etc. that come from different backgrounds. Tell us about the different interests/tastes of youth from different backgrounds or even different regions of Canada. How are they different?

6. Feature. Discuss the importance of diversity to Canada. How does it affect our economy? How does it influence/affect our position as a member of the global community? How is Canada perceived by other countries? What is Canada's role in the global community?

7. Profile. What do our diverse groups do to celebrate their heritage. Contact several multicultural organizations, talk with people you know and find out what they do to keep their heritage alive.

8. News/Opinion: Canada is made up of different regions: West, Central (Ontario, Quebec), East and North. Do we call ourselves ‘Canadians’ first or the reverse? If the reverse, why? Interview different people: students, teachers and senior citizens. Find out what they say.

9. Profile: Tell us about your part of the world. Do a ‘travelogue’ on your province or your town. Tell us information we need to know to get a better understanding of your province/town: include some key facts such as population, capital city, main industry, historic sites. Talk with people and find out why they enjoy living there. Check out this Lesson Plan on Canadian Provinces (you’ll also find links to each province)

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Canadian Government Departments
Heritage Canada Multiculturalism website
Constitutional documents
Statistics Canada
Info on immigration
French language in Canada
Canada’s Digital Collections
National Library
Magazine ‘on being Canadian’
Cyber Pal Pursuit
The Memory Project: immigration
House of Commons Youth Site
Indian and Northern Affairs
Canada Hall
Museum of Civilization
First Peoples Website

Multicultural Organizations

Canadian Multiculturalism Website
Aboriginal Youth Network
Cultures Canada website
History of African Canadians
Chinese Canadian National Council
Multicultural History Society
B’nai Brith Canada website
Canadian Jewish Congress
Ukrainian Canadian Congress
National Association of Japanese Canadians
The Federation of Canadian Turkish Associations