March 2002
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Movie Review: 40 days & 40 Nights
By: Samantha Armstrong, Grade 9, Riverside Secondary School, Port Coquitlam, BC

When was the last time you had sex ? Well for Matt Sullivan (played by Josh Hartnett) it has been 40 days and 40 nights. It was the time of year for Lent. That is when you give something up for a period of time. Well for Matt it meant no kissing, no hugging, no touching. In other words nothing sexual at all for 40 days.

He started this Lenten commitment because of a disastrous breakup. A breakup which left him heartbroken and lacking commitment. Therefore Sullivan took a vow which no man would ever consider taking in his lifetime. Adding to his troubles, Matt makes a not-so-wise decision and tells his roommate. His roommate and his big mouth decided to tell people.

Matt meets the girl of his dreams Erica Sutton (played by Shannya Sossamon) one day. But things start to fall apart. People start making bets on how long he will last.

This is a romantic comedy with some major sex scenes. I would give this movie 4stars. I have to admit it was better than I expected.

Rated 14A for sexual scenes and language.